People Historie

Our goals

Our goal is to advance art, culture, science and education, but also sports, and thus to specifically promote fundamental anchors of our society. We select our projects carefully and support each one with personal dedication. This is what the commitment of the THORWART-JESKA-FOUNDATION stands for.

We empower socially disadvantaged young people and adults until they reach the age of 28. Thus, we support school or university education, medical care and also participation in team sports (such as field hockey, soccer, handball, etc.).

Our sports commitment is predominantly directed at team sports. Team sports are a particularly fun way of conveying values such as fairness, respect and responsibility. Sport supports personality development in young people, who learn how to deal with victories and defeats at an early age.

We support artists and cultural projects to maintain and expand diversity in these areas and to give reality to ideas. Our art collection includes numerous purchases by young artists. Likewise, we award scholarships to young talents so that they can further their education.

With our foundation, we promote important research projects and provide support for scientific topics. We want to drive innovation and strengthen existing institutions in order to make optimal health care accessible to as many people as possible.